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WZ Series

Thin film RTD element is designed for limit space, installed various surface forms for accurate point sensing and fast response. The structure can be made of platinum wire loop between the layers and chip, sensing body is flexible. This model is conform to IEC 60751, Class AA, A and B tolerance when ordered with a platinum element.

Features :

  • Close fitting to the tested surface, strong structure, suitable for extreme environments, suitable for surface measurement of various arcs;

  • PT100 Class AA, A and B;

  • Fast response;

  • Ultra thin sensor;

  • Good flexibility and reliability;

  • Conform to IEC 60751;

  • Working temperature: -80 °C ~ 260 °C;

  • Can be customized;


  • CE / ATEX (EXE & EXI) / IECEX (EXE & EXI) / EX-proof / CCC / EAC

Dimension :

Thin Film


Resistance at 0℃ (Ω)



Width (B) (mm)


Length (L) (mm)

≥15±1 32±1

Thickness (T) (mm)

≥0.2±0.1 ≥0.2±0.1

Cable length (L1) (mm)

any lengthany length
Connection (no. of wire)2, 3, 4
Cross section (cable size)AWG 30 to AWG 20 (Standard AWG 26)

Electrical parameters :

Insulation Resistance(500VDC)Dielectric StrengthTime Constant (t0.5) 
100MΩ1-3KV/AC 50Hz/1min2 seconds

Order diagram :


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