WZ Series (Stator)

  • WZ Series (Stator)
  • WZ Series (Stator)
  • WZ Series (Stator)
  • WZ Series (Stator)
  • WZ Series (Stator)
  • WZ Series (Stator)
  • WZ Series (Stator)
  • WZ Series (Stator)
  • WZ Series (Stator)
WZ Series (Stator)

Stator winding sensor is mainly installed in the middle of the upper and lower coils between the winding slots of the low and high voltage of motor and generator. Using in the temperature measurement and protection of large motors and wind turbines.

Features :

  • Install between stator windings for continuous protection of low and high voltage of motors and generators;

  • Increased safety sensors for use in hazardous areas;

  • Single and dual elements offer high reliability;

  • Confirm to IEC 60751, JB-T10500-2005;

  • PT100, PT1000, Ni120, Cu10, Single/Dual;

  • Can be customized;

  • Class F, Class H;

  • Sensor dimensions fit any machine;


  • CE / ATEX (EXE & EXI) / IECEX (EXE & EXI) / EX-proof / CCC / EAC

Dimension : Stator sensor

Thickness (r)ToleranceWidth (b) ToleranceLength (L)ToleranceCable (L1)Connection
(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm)no. of wire
≥1.3±0.1≥4.0±0.5≥15±1any length2, 3, 4

Technical parameters :

  • Measuring range :

       -60°C to +200°C

  • Tolearance class :

        AA, A, B, C

  • Sensor insulation :

        Silicon, Glass, PTFE, FEP, PVDF, Teflon, Kapton, Expoxy hard glass fibre, Mica, etc.

  • Cross section (cable size) :

        AWG 30 to AWG 20 (Standard AWG 24)

  • Insulation resistance (500VDC) :


  • Max. sesnor current:


  • Dielectric strength :

       1-5KV/AC 50Hz/1min

  • Time constant (t0.5)

       ≤6 seconds

Order diagram :

Wire winding

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